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First Egyptian

Inventory Robot

One of our inventions is the inventory robot, as it can be applied in many institutions such as factories, warehouses and stores.

As the RFID Robot is the first Egyptian robot to inventory items containing tags at a speed of up to 1000 tags per minute.

Which leads to saving time, effort and labor, in addition to increasing accuracy

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Explain your needs and let us create
the right custom solution

Industrial 4.0

Warehouse Management

Asset Management

iPark with Smart Campus

Race Timing System

Smart Cabinet

Library Management System

Retail Management System

Laundry Management System

Smart Tunnel

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We work with a wide range of private and public sector enterprises. All the solutions we provide share one characteristic; they are carefully adapted to the needs of the workplace where they are put to use Through the work we have done with users, we have come to understand the unique requirements of different RFID applications. You will find evidence for that in our many case studies and in the descriptions of how we help put RFID to work